Massive amounts of currency are being created by governments and banks to keep their financial systems from collapsing. Meanwhile, the banks are buying silver and gold at a record pace, using their fiat currency. These practices are eventually calamitous and indicate why you need to take control of your money and preserve your wealth.

The Problem

We can print as much currency as we need but cannot guarantee it's purchasing power.
– Dr. Alan Greenspan, Former President US Federal Reserve

Why All Government Currencies End in Ruin

Since Ancient Rome and to the present day, over 2,000 government currencies have ended in ruin. Today’s currencies are no different.

You work hard every day to earn your money, but you’re paid in government currency, which is always being manipulated by governments and bankers. The more it’s manipulated, the more worthless it becomes. And it’s always just a matter of time before the next global financial crisis is created by the irresponsible fiscal activities of governments and bankers. Unfortunately, the people who will pay the dearest for the crisis are the people whose wealth is tied to a fiat currency.

How Inflation Destroys Currency

When governments create currency, they cause inflation. When they continue to print money, hyperinflation sets in. It starts slowly but then it rapidly increases the nominal prices of goods and services. Worse yet, the general price level rises even more rapidly than the currency supply, because people see the value of their currency shrinking, panic, and start to dump it as fast as they can.

Currency Creation Erodes its Value

Governments and bankers print currency to cover up incompetence and greed. But more currency in circulation doesn’t change how much the underlying economy is worth. It just dilutes it with more paper. The total value remains the same but all the currency in circulation spreads it thinner and thinner. You’re poorer because your currency is worth less. The biggest losers are the last people holding the currency, when it becomes worthless.

The Solution is Silver

Before inflation erodes anymore of the value of your currency, buy money that represents real value. Only two things represent it – gold and silver. Yet how can you put your currency in either one when you still need ready money. The answer is ownership of silver as our unique SilverTokens and SilverDollars.

Silver is Stable

Silver has been used as a store of stable value for thousands of years. Its supply is limited and has thousands of uses. So its value is sound and here to stay.

Silver is Safe

The SilverToken, like silver itself, is independent of governments, banks, and the risks of financial systems. The silver your tokens represent is stored in private vaults and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. So the SilverToken is as safe and dependable as silver itself.

The SilverToken is a Real Asset

Every SilverToken represents your legal ownership of real silver. Yet it’s better than holding silver itself, because it’s liquid. Yet it can be redeemed for the full value of the physical silver it represents or exchanged for US Dollars anytime.