The SilverDollar


What’s SilverDollar?

SilverDollar (SLVD) is stable digital money that represents silver.

This makes SLVD the perfect digital currency for day-to-day use. Unlike other currencies like bitcoin, no complex calculations are necessary to understand the price of goods: it’s the same as in dollars.

But at the same time, SLVD can be redeemed for the physical silver backing it by converting it to SilverTokens, unlinking your money from fiat currency.

Current Price of Silver / 1 US Dollar = 1 SilverDollar (SLVD)

Users, SilverDollar is the easiest way to spend silver online. There is No need to calculate the conversion like cryptocurrency, because you always knowing exactly how much you have and how much you're paying.

Merchants, SilverDollar allows you to accept digital currency without any drawbacks. Price is the same as USD, so there is no adjustment needed. This stability maintains a constant value of the money you collect for goods or services. SilverDollars are just like cash, there are no charge-backs.

Traders, SilverDollar is the perfect stable currency to keep profits. Between trades or for converting to government currency, funds can be stored without worrying about fluctuations.

Convert SilverDollars to silver or government currency when needed.

Silver Bullions Stacked

How to Use

  1. Easy To Use
    • No calculators necessary. If you know the dollar price, you know the SLVD price.
  2. Stable Value
    • The paired value to the USD makes SLVD a good option to understand value.
  3. Transaction Rewards for Traders
    • Part of the transaction fees are returned to active traders.