Is inflation devaluing your currency?

The more inflation reduces the value of your currency, the more you should invest in direct ownership of silver, reinvented as modern money.

Here’s some good news: You can buy more silver today than you can tomorrow.

More Enduring then Government Currency

Unlike government currency, every SilverToken is your direct private ownership of investment-grade silver.

The tokens can be used for transactions on the worldwide blockchain via the secure Ethereum Global Network.

But it can also be used as real money, sold for US dollars, or redeemed for silver.

And unlike government currency, every SilverToken represents direct ownership of silver, which means you can be confident it will retain its value. In fact, silver has maintained its value for thousands of years.

Why it's better than buying real silver

    If you invest in real silver, ask yourself:
  • How much silver am I willing to keep at my home before it becomes a security risk?
  • If I put my silver in a private vault and it needs to be transferred because of political issues, how difficult is the transfer going to be?
  • If I need to sell my silver. How difficult will it be and at what price?
  • Now that I have all the silver in a private vault, how can I use it as money?

  • On the other hand, with the digital Silver Token and Silver Dollar, you invest in real silver, but:
  • Owning it is never a security risk. Your real silver is vaulted by us, insured, and guarded 24/7.
  • Your Silver Tokens and Silver Dollars represent your vaulted silver, which you can have delivered anywhere, any time.
  • You can use it as real money on the blockchain or in a local store.
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Better for use than Bitcoin

Since the value of a SilverDollar is pegged at 1.00 USD, it provides an easier and more reliable way than Bitcoin to calculate the cost of purchases.

More stable than cryptocurrencies

Here’s why:

When a token is backed with government currency, the problems of inflation and the erosion of purchasing power remain.

By contrast, with SilverTokens you always know the purchasing power of your money.

Another advantage – the value of your investment grows

Each time a SilverToken is used in a transaction, a 1% transaction fee is incurred. A portion of the fee is used to increase the silver each token represents. As a result, the more SilverTokens are used as money, the more silver your SilverTokens represent. By contrast, currency does not increase in value.

It’s the end of currency uncertainty – and the Modern Silver Standard

At long last, you can enjoy the end of currency uncertainty – with our SilverTokens for secure savings and transactions. SilverDollars for stable everyday spending in the brick-and-mortar world. It’s the silver standard, re-created for today’s digital world.

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Escape currency uncertainty.
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Secure your wealth and invest in the New Silver Standard now

What our silver owners say about us

In the past, we kept our investments in real estate but have moved to SilverTokens because they’re easy to spend, portable and hidden from others.

- Giraldo W., Italy

With SilverToken, I own silver that is stored for free in a private vault that I could go get anytime. Thanks for allowing me to sleep better.

- Pablo L., Spain

The only way I was able to get money out of my country was buying SilverTokens and redeeming them when I got to the USA. My Family cannot be more thankful.

- Zhang Wei, China

I made big gains trading Bitcoin and required an asset to keep my gains. I wanted a real asset. Then, I found SilverToken. Many thanks from me and my family.

- Vikram G., Germany

I am ready for the Euro to fall apart after Brexit. Now I have SilverDollars.

- Oliver H., England

I just wanted to own an asset that held its value and was portable.

- Jose R., Brazil

I like SilverToken and SilverDollar because they are the new sound money that I can exchange for silver or sell for dollars anytime I want.

- Jim S., America

The only way I was able to avoid the Rand losing value was to buy SilverTokens. Thank you very very much.

- Junior A., Cape Town

Is inflation devaluing your currency?

The more inflation reduces the value of your currency, the more you should invest in direct ownership of silver, reinvented as modern money.

Here’s some good news: You can buy more silver today than you can tomorrow.

Silver Bars


The physical silver you buy from us is stored in 11 private vaults in politically neutral countries and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.

SilverToken Silver

Private Ownership

When you invest in our tokens, you invest in private ownership of silver. The transactions you do with your SilverTokens are just like cash. No personal information is required to complete them.

We Will Purchase Your SilverTokens

Purchase with Confidence

Anytime you want to redeem your SilverTokens, we’ll purchase them for the Spot Price of Silver – guaranteed.

We offer silver in a unique combination of two assets you can trust

1. SilverTokens. Stable Money.


The SilverTokens (symbol SLVT) represent your direct ownership of silver. They make sound money easy to own, save, transfer, sell and move.

When you buy SilverTokens, they’re valued 1:1 Each SilverToken is equal to 1 ounce of investment-grade silver.

And, if you ever decide to cash in your SilverTokens, we’ll buy them back at the spot price of silver anytime – guaranteed.

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2. SilverDollars. Convenient pocket money.

SilverDollars (symbol SLVD) are the ideal choice for real pocket money in the brick-and-mortar world.

One SilverDollar is always equal to and redeemable as 1 USD. So anyone who accepts US Dollars should readily accept our SilverDollars.

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Why buy from us

We’re large silver dealers who saw the opportunity to bring back real money by creating a New Silver Standard, based on the timeless value of silver, optimized for use in today’s digital world.

Our company is named SilverToken™, after the money we created.

Secure your wealth and invest in the New Silver Standard now

It’s easy to invest and use our Silver Tokens and Silver Dollars.